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Исполнитель: Kevin Rudolf

Композиция: Big Timer

Длительность mp3: 03:19

Добавлено: 2015-01-31

Просмотры: 604


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Текст песни:

i thought i told ya'll
i was living like that
so high i could never go back
what if i never put it all on the line
to be a big timer

to be a big timer

a little boy
with bigger dreams
in a world with nothin is ever what it seems
had found a way
so i play guitar
but i never knew i would make it far
now i rocking shows (rock shows)
and droping beats (beats)
goin places where i was told
that wouldn't reach
like a rocket ship
to outer space
and everybody who doubted me
i'm on my way


Big timer
to be a big timer

now i know
what i'm supposed to do
turn around and give it all to you
so stick a ride
say goodbye
and now it's time to leave it all behind
but i'll never change
i'm hitting everything
gettin the time of my life
(i just gotta get it)>2x
if i make it through the night


and now i'm my way
to make to a better place



take a ride
and say goodbye
now it's the time
to leave it all behind

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