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Исполнитель: Kendrick Lamar & Tyga

Композиция: Swimming Pools (Prod. by T-Minus)

Длительность mp3: 04:28

Добавлено: 2016-11-14

Просмотры: 763


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Текст песни:

Verse 1
Now I done grew up
Round some people living their lifes in bottles
Granddaddy had the golden flask
Back stroke every day in Chicago
Some people like the way it feels
Some people wanna kill their sorrows
Some people wanna fit in with the popular
That was my problem
I was in the dark room
Loud tunes, looking to make a vow soon
That I'mma get fucked up, filling up my cup
I see the crowd mood
Changing by the minute and the record on repeat
Took a sip then another sip then somebody said to me

Hook One
Nigga why you babysitting only two or three shots
I'mma show you how to turn it up a notch
First you get a swimming pool full of liquor then you dive in it
Pool full of liquor then you dive in it
I wave a few bottles then I watch em all flock
All the girls wanna play Baywatch
I got a swimming pool full of liquor and they dive in it
Pool full of liquor I'mma dive in it

Verse 2
Now I done grew up round some niggas that caused me some drama
Swear when you make it, niggas say you owe them
Swear they think they yo mama
Everybody put they hands out, they always aks me, they know that I got it
My biggest fear is going broke, can't say no, that's my problem
I wanted that Rolls Royce, young boy, looking to make a bad choice
And I got fucked up, when mom went to jail, I heard a little voice
Back of my head, back of my mind, dropped out of school but a nigga did fine
I ain't tellin you to drop out but if you do make use of your time

Hook Two
I say why they hatin on me? I'm just tryina get my guap
I'm just tryina set my family up
First, believe in one God, then stack your paper higher bitch
Get your money, stack your paper higher bitch
We ain't never fucked with cops and that's never gon stop
And I'm posted at the tippy top
So get your money fast then stack your paper higher bitch
Get your money, stack your paper higher bitch

Verse 3
If I take another one down
I'mma drown in some poison abusing my limit
I think that I'm feeling the vibe
I see the love in her eyes, I see the feeling
The freedom is granted as soon as the damage of vodka arrived
This how you capitalize
This is parental advice
Then apparently I'm over influenced by what you are doing
I thought I was doing the most til someone said to me

Hook One

Verse 4
I'm taking my time and taking your dinner
These bitches, these bitches cold blooded like winter
I'm looking at faces that I don't remember
I'm all in my zone, Karl Marlone, taking these shots, abusing my liver
It's mine, I spend it, it's mine, I'm gon spend it
Ah, doomsday, doomsday, these niggas weak like it's a Tuesday
Niggas get looney like a tunes sake
Everything well done like two steaks
Who they? They ain't from LA, they fall off like November days
They worried about your sales but at the end of day, who getting paid?

Hook Two

Hook One


Verse 5
All I, all I, all I, all I
All I have in life is my new appetite for failure
And I got hunger pain that grow insane
Tell me do that sound familiar
If it do then you're like me
Making excuse that your relief
Is in the bottom of the bottle
And the greenest indo leaf
As the window open
I release everything that corrode inside of me
I see you joking, why you laugh
Don't you feel bad
I probably sleep and never ever wake up
Never ever wake up, never ever wake up
In God I trust but just when I thought I had enough

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