Kaskade Your Love Is Back - Kaskade – Your Love Is Back

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Исполнитель: Kaskade

Композиция: Your Love Is Back

Длительность mp3: 04:28

Добавлено: 2016-12-25

Просмотры: 493


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Текст песни:

Look out to the calm sea
I don't know why
that I
want to cry
when I feel
this high

Nature seems to know me
so many times
shes been below me
and so i sing and we dream
as my soul she tries to live

seems i lost my way last night
but i was reborn by daylight
seems i get another chance
another chance to dance away

now you bring your lovin back
but don't you know your love is black
and now you're hear pouring in the dark
cuz you cant see inside my heart
my heart....
my heart....

look out
your love is black
look out
your love is black
look out..
your love...
is black...

close my eyes
and i can breathe
i can feel
what is right
what is true
what is real

seems you lost your way last night
and you were back here by daylight
now your words are black and cold
and your lines are tired and old
nature is calming me
cuz your love was harmin me
and now i shed that coat of arm
i wasn't safe there in your arms

look out
your love is black
look out
your love is black
look out..
your love..
is black...

(speaking) : lost my way
its true i loved you once
its true you were once mine

lost my way


lost my way....
lost my way....

cuz i lost my way
i lost my way
i lossstt my wayy..
lost my wayy..
lost my way..

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