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Исполнитель: Jessica Simpson

Композиция: Irresistible

Длительность mp3: 03:11

Добавлено: 2015-12-05

Просмотры: 479


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Текст песни:

You Know I Don't know what it is
but something about you is so irresistible

Dont you try and tell me that he's not my type
To Hide what I feel inside
When he makes me weak with desire
I Know that im supposed to make him wait
Let him think I like the chase but I cant
stop fanning the fire, I Know I meant
to say No

But he's irresistible
up close and personal
now inescapable
I can hardly breathe, more than just
physical deeper than spritual
his ways are powerful
and irresistible to me (yeah yeah, I can hardly breathe)

Dont yoy think I'm trying to tell my heart whats right
That I should really say goodnight
But I cant stop myself from falling (falling)
Maybe I'll tell him that i feel the same
that I dont want to play no game (No)
Cuz when I Feel his arms wrapped around me
I know meant to say No (I Meant To Say No...)

But He's Irresistible (Irresistible)
Now inesacpable
I can hardly breathe ( I can hardly breathe)
more than just physical
deeper than spritual (oh oh yeah)
His ways are powerful
Irresistible to me

Cant You see whenever he's close to me
I really find it hard to breathe
Hes soo irresistible
baby you know its more than just spritual
His kisses are powerful

He's So Irresistible (yeah yeah)
Up close and personal (oh yeah)
Now inescapable I can hardly breathe (I can hardly breath)
More than just physical (oh yeah)
Deeper than Spiritual
His ways are powerful
Irresistible to me

He's Irresistible (yeah yeah)
up close and personal (irresistible to me)
I can hardly breathe
more than just physical
deeper than spritual
His ways are powerful
Irresistible To Me....

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